Architectural Bureau 7.4.2

Architectural Bureau 7.4.2

Architects from 120,Saint Petersburg, Russia
What is the best word to describe the work of the Architectural Bureau 7.4.2?
Without question, that word is… fresh!

Of course, you have already noticed our company’s colors. They are shades of green — colors of the tender fresh mint leaves. And we try to inspire exactly that feeling of the soft, clear breeze of freshness in each our creation.

Freshness in everything: from conversation with the client, to the final follow-on. Freshness in the designs and conceptions. Freshness in the architectural solutions. Freshness in the souls of people, those we are working for.

Yes, we are young.
But probably there are few companies, that are as reliable as the Architectural Bureau 7.4.2 is.

Each our design is, first of all, the design of the real building, not a vague fantasy of not-of-this-world visionaries. We know everything about our work, and so there are no unimportant things for us: we thoroughly consider every detail.

And the buildings, that we have built, evidently show it!