Architectural bureau A.Len
Architectural bureau A.Len

Architectural bureau A.Len

Architects from Korolenko street, 7-27, Sankt-Petersburg, Russian Federation
Architectural bureau "A.Len"

"A. Len" has been active in the field of architecture and design since 1991. The main activities of our design bureau are rendering the full range of services in designing and coordinating the individual objects of residential and public purpose, industrial constructions, interior design of residential and public buildings, reconstructions, and also carrying out the architectural supervision of the construction. The experts of the architectural bureau "A. Len" execute the full range of the following tasks:

Design of elite residential complexes and districts;
Design of car centers and car salons, dealer representative offices and filling stations;
Design of whole cottage zones and cottage settlements;
Design of shopping centers and hypermarkets;
Design of sports complexes and water parks;
Project planning;
Engineering preparation of territories, buildings and constructions