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Architects from #26, 4th B Cross, Koramangala Industrial Layout, , Bangalore, India
was established in the year 1996 by Manoj Ladhad, Sandeep J and Vimal Jain, believes that its most significant strength is the quality of its people and belief in values. All the members are young whose instinct for design is tempered by real world experience where they have been exposed to designing and supervision of a variety of projects. The team has an average experience of 17 + years in designing and project execution. Over the years the practice has been recognized by 41 awards which includes 7 international commendations and the recognition as one of the top 10 young practices in India in the year 2012 by the Construction World Architect and Builders Awards (CWAB).

Underlying approach to our work is driven by a sense of optimism that it is possible to create environments that makes a difference to people's lives. Today we live in a world that continues to discover how deeply interconnected and vibrant the environment around is. The process to understand this calls for different faculties and propensities to come together, Leading us to believe in the idea of collaborative and a critical approach to practice. This enables us to navigate this ever changing terrain to seek out appropriate architectural expressions, bringing us closer to the contemporary experience. Projects for us is just not about seeking solutions to a problem but are about creating experiences that celebrates the essence of being human. Here architecture is a means to engage and nourish our senses eventually enriching lives. We look to constantly evolve by learning from and valuing the pleasure of these experiences in our projects.

We are interested in landscape, both built and unbuilt and its effect on our senses. Eventually we see our work as part of this landscape, so we look to seek our cues from it. The design process is a dialogue with this through sketches, drawings and models both physical and digital. Here there are no preset ideas or notions of what is beautiful but the approach is about an objective unravelling of ideas which work in this construct. Each of the projects is addressed through project teams where our clients and consultants form an active part of the collaborative process towards realizing the potential of the idea.
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