Aristides S. Dallas
Aristides S. Dallas

Aristides S. Dallas

Architects from 842 00 Tinos , Tinos , Greece
Aristides (Aris) Dallas was born in Athens, Greece in 1983. He studied Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), where he also attended the postgraduate program "Design-Space-Culture" as a scholarship awardee.

He establishes his architectural practice in Athens in 2008. At the same time he works in the School of Architecture Faculty of the NTUA as a scientific associate and teaching assistant in Architectural Design Studios. In 2014 he moves his office in Tinos, where he lives and works to the present. He mainly undertakes challenging architectural projects which he regards not as a typical throughput process, but as a synthesis of function and aesthetics, tailored to the personal needs and character of each owner - resident - user.

His work has been published in international reviews, awarded in Greece and abroad, as well as exhibited in various occasions, such as, the 7th and 8th Biennale of Young Greek Architects of 2012 and 2015 accordingly.
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