Arno Matis Architecture
Arno Matis Architecture

Arno Matis Architecture

Architects from 204-1540 West 2nd Ave, Vancouver, Canada
We believe that contemporary forces of globalization and fragmented specialization demand new responses to the shaping of human environments. AMA’s interest in design integration engages projects in the typically unexplored hybrid space between architecture, urban planning, and landscape; working within the disciplines and blurring the lines between them.

Each AMA project is an archetype of the unique characteristics of site, its social, cultural, economic and ecological context, and the unique skills and personalities of its stakeholders. AMA is rooted in a rigorous approach to professional practice and implementation at all project phases. We are committed to sustainability in its broadest definition. Projects are continually tested in real-time against established benchmarks. We strive for responsive and balanced design solutions beyond the utopian that serve the present and point to an unimaginably exciting future.
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Arno Matis Architecture Vancouver Headquarters
204-1540 West 2nd Ave, Vancouver, Canada

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