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The Arqbox is a company focused on user experience in the built environment.
Founded in 2006 with the purpose of providing architectural designs and as a place for art exhibitions. From the beginning, the company had as main concern the satisfaction of its customers, making could experience moments before not known.

Over the years the company realized that was not was complete, the idea has always been to provide architecture, as built, but until then she had been only providing architectural projects, for this was a decision which forever change the operation and reasoning of their design processes, the company created four arms, for a specific architectural projects, one for interior design, the third for technical engineering projects and room for construction management. With proper formatting detes four arms the company became complete, given much better market expectations, in full. To generate this multidisciplinary body Arqbox sought a team updated within the new systems and differentiated technology tools for project and construction management, thus the company is now fully operational cases creating increasingly interesting for the professional environment. A complete company where the focus is to architecture.

Architecture we see as the end result of an entire work process, from initial studies and conceptualization to the materialization of the building. These processes and working methods are continually evolving and ensure a high level of quality and fitness for all process steps.
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