Arte Parquet
Arte Parquet

Arte Parquet

Manufacturers from Dante Cioce Via Cesare, Barletta , Italy
Artèparquet takes the best from Nature and puts it at the service of the environments that humans furnish.

And 'the wood, the flower of the Earth.

Young and strong, produces and processes tiles and planks between passion and tradition, to create a natural habitat that positively affect the daily lives and stimulate the five senses.

The professionalism and care of the product, from manufacture to installation, are the essential elements that mark the achievements. A decade of experience allows you to always suggest the most appropriate choices.

Artèparquet boasts craftsmanship made in Italy and uses only carefully selected wood. The species taken into account in the production of our floors are first choice to provide durability and strength over time, giving you the emotions that occur every day.

The simplicity of the raw material, refined creations, the focus of our craftsmen: ours is a work of artistic creation and preservation, because the passion is the highest of arts.
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