Art.Eco Project
Art.Eco Project

Art.Eco Project

Designers from Lviv, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine
Art.Eco is a project by © Lina Stern.
It combines of two fundamental concepts: Ecology and Art.

All the products of the Art Eco project: photographs, asemic calligraphy, art books, visual poetry, intuitive art, pattern design as mandalas, fabric painting - are created for the conscious decoration of homes and offices. Each picture is filled with a state of calm, contemplation and happiness of life on earth.
Indoors, such objects maintain a healthy atmosphere, inspire, remind that harmony on the Earth is possible.

Some collection 2015-2018:
"Sounds", mandala collection - 2015
"J'Existe", asemic calligraphy - 2017
"The Greatest", asemic logo. 2018-2019
"Persona Grata", interiors phorography - 2018
"Vincent", asemic calligraphy and photographs - 2019
"La Bibliothèque de Solan" -2019
"Ink / L’encre" - 2019

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