Articolo is a design studio that reveres the ephemeral nature of light through a commitment to artisanal craft and quality workmanship. With showrooms in Melbourne Australia and New York City, with Los Angeles to follow, the studio reflects founder and creative director Nicci Kavals’ passion for the textural spirit of light; producing works that are internationally regarded for a contemporary, yet enduring aesthetic and the luxurious pairing of materials.


An influential design force for more than 25 years, Nicci Kavals is a designer driven by intuition, with a process that embodies an innate sense of unrestrained freedom. Inspired by her singular vision to explore the ephemeral nature of light, every Articolo collection reflects Nicci’s fascination with cultivating light, believing in its beauty and the role it plays in shaping mood and moment. Nicci’s vision is ever evolving, working alongside a global network of makers to craft pieces with true artisanal materiality and a distinctive design language.


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