By focusing on structural integrity, movement, and comfort, Asa uncovers silhouettes that look natural in any setting. Inspired by an eclectic island community off the coast of Maine, his foundational pieces exude the strength and grace of the bold coast where Asa learned his craft.


Using his extensive knowledge of classic lines and lightweight yet sturdy structures, Asa has found a way to bring a bit of Maine to Brooklyn, where the company is located. My father likes to say "keep it simple, stupid." so I try to take that to heart by moving back to quiet, classic lines that feel organic or innate. The sculptural elements in his work informed his first furniture line, which combines swooping lines with contemporary angles that you can either relax into or admire from a distance. He developed his first line with a focus on creating a foundation of solidly built, timeless pieces. Made from American walnut, white oak, ebonized oak, or fog gray ash, his first line is both minimal and tactile-equally at home in an elegant dining room or pulled next to a well loved writing desk.

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