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Manufacturers from Via Molino, 2 , Meda (MB), Italy
Started at the turn of the 20th Century as a small artisanal laboratory in the heart of the Brianza region, Asnaghi Interiors has attained today, thanks to the dynamism of its founder Giuseppe Asnaghi and his sons, a level of sophistication allowing it to meet the highest demands in the furniture business.

The in-house production includes traditional style furniture (e.g. Barocco, Rococò, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Empire, Liberty, Art-deco, and Modern) using first class solid wood. The range of products represents the pride of countless generations of craftsmen and demonstrates Asnaghi Interiors' know-how in cabinet-making, hand-carving, lacquering and hand painting. Each model has been studied and worked by skilful hands with special taste and care, making it a "unique art work".

Through relentless work and dedicated research, Asnaghi Interiors gives its products a touch of graceful elegance and delicate sophistication. Perfect proportions and thorough finishes characterize Asnaghi Interiors furniture and give it an inimitable style.
Solid and briar wood are worked by hand, united to silk and velvet of the most famous weavers to create exclusive furniture.

The strong co-operation with specialised craftsmen and decorators, and the industrialisation that our company has undertaken in order to better answer market requirements, haven't changed our essential qualities. Our production is strictly bound to the ancient tradition of woodwork, but at the same time it allows our company to respond quickly to our customers' demands.

To guarantee the first class solid wood used and the hand-made paintings, all pieces of our production must bear our Trade Mark

Asnaghi Interiors transforms the work of wise hands into unique luxury for life.
Asnaghi Interiors collections bring together classical and modern, they are a meeting point for handcraft and innovative design.

Asnaghi Interiors products' exclusivity and excellence go one step further giving its clients the chance to turn their furniture into unique, unrepeatable works of art with a fire marked brand code which bring a home to state-of-the-art, for life.

In a world in which a name is everything, the Asnaghi Interiors brand marries the most intimate requirements a client may have, shaping a unique atmosphere in an unrepeatable time frame. The sensation of tailor made luxury, timeless elegance. A moment of being.

Asnaghi Interiors' very well organized Contract Division, in-house interior designers and long term experience in furnishing the most impressive villas and royal palaces all around the world all lead to a complete, customized decoration project. Its 360° consultancy service including interior design planning and arrangement study, commencing with a preliminary discussion, all the way through to the installation phase, also cooperating and interconnecting even with other contractors involved. From the single art work, the piece of furniture, to the wall decorations, from the finest fabrics for curtains to the furniture accessories, from doors on special design to boiserie each room is created and elaborated with the collaboration of our experienced architects who can provide you from simple sketches to complete projects Asnaghi Interiors has carried the fascination and the prestige of "made in Italy" into the most luxurious premises such as Villas, Hotels, Governments buildings, Embassies and Parliaments.
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