Atelier Belge
Atelier Belge

Atelier Belge

Designers from Westmalle, Belgium
Atelier Belge is a design label based on a collective of Belgian designers. From a project-driven method we see every little thing as part of a larger entity. Architects, interior designers, project developers,... They all find a worthy partner in Atelier Belge to give their design or project just that little extra 'touch'.

Atelier Belge follows a strict business-to-business or business-to-client approach. Like that the least possible intermediaries are involved, which benefits client focus and pricing. Furthermore, everything is produced within Europe and Atelier Belge offers craftsmanship and custom design by true professionals. With Atelier Belge there's no secrets, no cheap mass production and all the downsides emerging from it (poor working conditions, child labour, irresponsible forest management, needless long-distance transport,...)

Atelier Belge wants to offer chances to creative designers to put Belgian design on the map internationally and promote it within a unique and warm Belgian concept. In short: "Sois Belge et tais-toi!"

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