Atelier By Bali
Atelier By Bali

Atelier By Bali

Architects from Amsterdam, Netherlands
Atelier by Bali is a design collective that pursues a transdisciplinary collaboration and working on progressive design with a traditional touch. A continuous exchange of working between disciplines creates an open attitude towards each other, the information, the client and the user. By Bali believes in design with a strong identity that a dialogue with the context and always made ​​specific to the place.

Atelier by Bali occupies an old shop in the Bali Strait in the east of Amsterdam and a studio in a new high urban block on the IJ. Work here young and enthusiastic designers (three architects, two landscape architects and product designer) collectively exercises, studies, and research competitions at home and abroad. Our clients range from individuals to governments and developers to housing associations. Besides the work on spatial tasks we are closely Harm in teaching at various institutions. The workshops are a meeting place for colleagues and friends in the field who come for cooperation, discussion or just for a drink.

The spatial issues are becoming more complex and thus is integral collaboration in interdisciplinary teams more and more obvious. With this in mind, Atelier By Bali arise. Including a spectacular bridge over the IJ, a metropolitan network park for Amsterdam West, a park on the main infrastructure of Amsterdam Zuid and Mosque between the canals explains this collective unexpected relationships, they refined the urban fabric and she lobbies on new challenges in 'hometown' Amsterdam. Atelier by Bali shows how these relationships lead to unexpected encounters between city dwellers with a different culture and background; juvenile offenders in an existing neighborhood in a new revitalizing complex, North and South, the businessman and the holiday maker. In short, the city and country, our 'daily urban system', we use as a test lab and inspiration for (inter) national tasks.
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