Manufacturers from 9 rue de la Baronnie, 4920 Harzé, Belgique
Atelier Luxus designs control panels unlike any you’ve ever seen. They’re like little gems that brighten any space. Some are sleek and discreet, while others are an expression of pure extravagance. Atelier Luxus stays on the cutting-edge of design by blending different types of metal in an ultra-slim shape, offering an infinity of combinations of switches, sockets, buttons and features. Our skills as a jeweller can be seen in our collections of different finishes and surface treatments. For 20 years, quality and an eye for detail have been the guiding principles in every stage of our work, allowing us to overcome any technical or aesthetic challenge. The result is a streamlined design and carefully crafted pieces made from luxury materials that adhere to the highest standards of craftsmanship and authenticity. Today, Atelier Luxus is proud to present our original, dazzling creations. Designed to stand out. Forever.
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9 rue de la Baronnie, 4920 Harzé, Belgique

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