Atelier Moderno
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Atelier Moderno

Atelier Moderno

Interior Architects from Montréal, Canada
Founded in 1997, the company Moderno was born of PLOUK Design (since 1987). Wishing to add the manufacturing component to its design service, Jean-Guy Chabauty expanded his creative talents. By blurring the standards of architecture, the interior design and furniture, the design of the space passes through objects that comprise and the relationship between them. Moderno is primarily a business of creativity applied to various aspects of design and affecting many sectors of activities.

The essence of the company is design service. It is guided by a particular style and final with which approached all projects be they commercial (a shop, a restaurant or a workspace), residential (home as condo) or furniture (a sofa as a flashlight). Space, its borders, its components; everything becomes object and is treated as such creatively. The constant application of this principle to the design by Moderno gives it its uniqueness.

It is through this quest for originality that the company seeks in his creative process, innovation in its production. Moderno produces its own furniture which allows direct experimentation. A network of various suppliers developed over the years. The creation is not constrained to the known facts, but explores the possibilities of the material. The product and its processes evolve with projects and their findings to become real innovations.

The presence of Moderno at all stages of a project, from the ideation to production, strengthens expertise in project management. The concern for quality and innovation committed a close production monitoring. This same omnipresence provides an understanding of the costs associated with a project and an understanding of the management of budgets. The close collaboration of employees, by the openness and proximity of workplace take a proactive approach in the management of records. The size of the firm requires a practice multidisciplinary, versatile and complete. The team of Moderno is a connected cell that provides the dynamism necessary for the completion of daring projects.

Control of the final product is essential in his quest for constant originality. In a project key (privileged by the firm), the furniture fits significantly within a project providing an added value. He says the unique language of the space. Any project is thought up to its realization and its presentation. This is possible only by the application of the principle of verticality in all types of projects designed by Moderno, furniture to spaces. It's really the main proposal of the company, his total originality.