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Duilio Forte artist of mixed Italian and Swedish origins, graduated in architecture from the Polytechnic University of Milan and is involved in research in the realm of art, with particular attention to spatial dimensions. The goal of his work is to represent the scenography of every day life, the epic universe in which humans move. The practical Swedish tradition and its careful attention towards nature and simplicity merge with the grandeur and complexity of Italian artistic and cultural history. Since his early years Duilio Forte lived the contrast between these two cultures as an incentive to find their perfect coexistence among the dimension of space and time. For this reason on February 12, 2009 Duilio Forte launched the ArkiZoic movement to celebrate the 200 years since Darwin’s birth. The dominant artistic styles of the ArkiZoic manifesto are based on a central vital spirit, that vibrant breath, Anemos, which defines the uniqueness our planet since 450 million years ago.

In 2008 and 2010 Duilio Forte participates in the Venice Architectural “Biennale” with two of his works, Sleipnir Venexia and Sleipnir Convivalis Quintus. In 2010 he was nominated for the Iakov Chernikhov International Prize for young architects.

AtelierFORTE was established by Duilio on March 13 1998.
Atelier Forte is a space in constant development and mutation where all the projects and works contribute to the definition of the ArkiZoic style are born. The Atelier is the physical place where artistic and cultural streams come together and give light to creation. All the characters animating the space, as if playing a role in a film or a theatre play, with their own personal skills and capabilities to the complete the work.

MATERIALS – AtelierFORTE utilizes two distinctive materials: wood and iron. Wood is mainly used in the development of large architectural projects such as the Sleipnir series, the legendary eight-legged horse of Odin that blends with the tradition of the Trojan horse, able to conquer fortresses and arsenals, and to slip slightly over the lagoon of Venice and the lakes of the Swedish Bergslagen. While the iron dominates in the plastic sculpture. Binding these two materials generate works with very special features: light weighted yet very resistant structures. Two ancient materials which contribute to the definition of a world projected into the future, with deep roots in its history and tradition.

Norse Mythology
AtelierFORTE is inspired by Norse mythology for the need to connect with the past in order to look into the future. In Nordic tradition the main subjects are animals and natural elements. Furthermore in its mythology, manual labor is considered magical and it is very respected. For these reasons, the adherence to the ArkiZoic Manifesto is evident. Sleipnir is one of the most important characters. Odin’s horse was born from the mighty Svaðilfari and the god Loki. Sleipnir has eight legs and it is the greatest horse ever. Its name means “he, who slips quickly” and it is able to travel by sea, by land and through the other worlds. Duilio Forte considers the horse as a symbol of exploration, discovery and conquest. It is also a meeting point between classical mythology and Norse mythology: Trojan horse and Odin horse live in both Mediterranean and Scandinavian cultures.

AtelierFORTE’s activities are: art, academic teaching, architecture and design.
For important customers like Missoni, Piazza Sempione, MODA IN, Fay, Mango, Milano Film Festival, Diesel, AHEC, AtelierFORTE designed and realized scenographical installations and furniture in Milan, New York and Paris.

Since 2009, Duilio Forte collaborates with NABA, Nuova Accademia Belle Arti di Milano, as a professor of materials technologies.
In 2011 AtelierFORTE was invited to participate at MIAW2, the second edition of Milan International Architectural Workshop, organized by Politecnico di Milano.

From 2003 AtelierFORTE organizes the summer course StugaProject in the Swedish forests. From 2010 there is another corse called Voyager, inspired by cultural achievement travelling. These experiences are reserved to students or young architect and designer.
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