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The work of AtelierFraSe is developed through a creative process, starting from the concepting and the designing of interventions; it reaches their physical realization always made by the hands of the same projecting subject. Fundamental point of this process is the way in which the role of the architect merges with the processes and techniques of arts and crafts, without the need to delegate to anybody else any formal modification. This is the point of strength of the work of AtelierFraSe: original intentions have in this way full consistency with the final outcome. Through this creative method closer both to art and architecture, AtelierFraSe designs and manufactures architectural interventions, as elements of domestic furniture of private dwellings and shops, sets for events and happenings, sculptures and installations.

Francesco Gorni and Serena Montesissa founded AtelierFraSe.

Francesco Gorni (Lodi 1980) after graduating in architecture at Politecnico di Milano in October 2005, leaves Italy for Rotterdam where at Atelier van Lieshout, he undertakes a particular professional growth, halfway between art and architecture, and developed trough manual work. Back in Italy he returns to Milan where he begins collaborating with AtelierFORTE, an art and architecture workshop, where he experiments and refines the techniques of manufacturing iron and wood, working on traditional furniture projects, carpentry works, interior design projects. With AtelierFORTE Francesco participates to important international exhibitions like the XI Architecture Biennal of Venice.

Serena Montesissa, (Piacenza 1982), begins her academic career at IUAV, the Faculty of Architecture of Venice, where in 2005 she obtains the Bachelor's Degree in Architecture. The same year she moves to Milan, where, in December 2007 she takes the Master's Degree in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano. From 2008 to 2009 she collaborates with an office of architecture and engineering in Milan, where she works mainly on renovation projects of elegant residences, in service to an architectural firm of Paris. Simultaneously, since 2005, she collaborates to the organization of LagoFilmFest, an international festival of short films, documentaries and screenplays.

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