Atomis architectural lighting
Atomis architectural lighting

Atomis architectural lighting

Manufacturers from Jadelaan 33, Hoofddorp, Netherlands
When we ask ourselves what criteria there are for a well- designed product, we probably concentrate on the question what the need is for such a product. Apart of the aesthetics no question the functionality must be better and the price hast to be competitive when compared with existing products. Except for these - mainly by marketing rules dictated - values, the end-user is in my opinion more and more interested in the emotional side of using the product. What can we do with this product, but also how much pleasure do we experience using it? What is the identity and the feeling it will bring us? Products need to illuminate efficiently, but also should be “fun” to use and to play with.

I have always been fascinated by the fact that even the most simple luminaire can be used as an effective tool to change the atmosphere of the interior and the way we look at it. The lighting profession will there-fore never bore me. We try to encourage the end user using the product and offer a range of functions and possibilities.

We always tried to be experimental and tried to find alternative design sol-utions to be different from the others, original and unpredictable. More meaningful products with a recognizable appearance will make us feel better when using them.
We all have a responsibility to think about good environmental solutions in terms of material use and the use of energy. Let’s get rid of all unwanted, useless and wasting products and choose for well-designed prod-ucts with a long life span and optimal tech-nical performance: products that provide us happiness and satisfaction. I hope it will be a pleasure working with us, resulting in the most outstanding illumination projects. Please consider us as a consulting partner in design next to a lighting manu-facturer. We will guarantee we will not disappoint you.

Philip Feenstra, designer