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Where can we find products that have a reason to exist beyond industrial standards, on the nether side from marketing logics or fashions? Because they do not tread familiar paths but, rather, they surprise: In terms of shape, function and material.

AUERBERG is a label created by designers and architects for people who love good design. No imposed programme limits the designers' creative aspirations. As product authors, they answer exclusively to their own requirements. This leads them to the borders of the feasible.

AUERBERG is a product lab. Profound experience meets unbound curiosity. How does aluminium behave under huge pressure? Can there be a product which leaves no waste behind, neither during production nor at the time of disposal? How can one simulate the drying behaviour of porcelain already at the time of creating the design?

AUERBERG produces authors' products in limited and sometimes tiny production runs and gets them access to the market. Behind every single product is the personal history of the designer. The first AUERBERG catalogue tells about them.

We wish you joy while rummaging through these pages, reading, and making your choice. And we hope that we can inspire you with our idea: AUERBERG. Radically subjective.
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