Manufacturers from Namik Kemal Mah.121. Sokak, ISTANBUL, Turkey
We are the leading company at the World Market who is the founder of the unique technology heating and Cooling systems new generation with unique decoration, picture view images on it, even the next generations will be interactive images as vides or Tv etc very soon…
Developed very incentive product for better using as alternative Energy savings more then 70% less cost , and heat 5 times more heating , Also that is Green Energy because of real efficiency.
That will be the “must” product for every house holds, office and public places to use anywhere needs to Heat and Cool.
Meanwhile with our uniqe technology Machines and our R&D team we are producing the Glass Ceramics “non Broking” un breakable,any picture or Photo design possibilities, at any size creation.
Also we can use that technology at the “Mirrors” first time as well non breakable for mirrors at world market…
And our IT & IS professional teams developed Intelligent Houses systems, to control all house by distance, using your ipad/iphone , All smart phones to Heat,to Cool or lights on/off, Alarm systems, Camera etc…. even to luck the door if you have forgetton to do.
This is us, All team together with our patient , changes started…
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Namik Kemal Mah.121. Sokak, ISTANBUL, Turkey