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b Studio Architecture

Architects from Charleston, SC, United States
b Studio is a boutique firm providing in-depth knowledge, personalized service, and unparalleled creativity. Our goal is to elevate the expectations of our clients and open their eyes to the possibilities Architecture can create.
With experience ranging from large mixed use complexes to small detailed renovations b Studio Architecture has the expertise to complete your next project. Projects include custom residential, land planning, hospitality, and commercial construction. Our in-depth knowledge of the built environment is a tool to help you reach your goals and protect your investment. With sustainability in mind, b Studio Architecture is well-versed in the latest green technology and principles to ensure your next project is an efficient and ecologically sound structure.

With a strong connection to Vernacular Architecture and the lessons presented in historic projects, b Studio Architecture looks to connect the principles of our past with the construction of our future. It is the importance of these everlasting design principles that inform our work in terms of practicality, use, and sustainability.

As your Architect, we are your trusted representative in the building process. As concerned citizens of our community, we are well-versed and practiced in the steps required to move projects forward. We have presented to many of the design review boards of Charleston including the B.A.R., City & County Zoning boards, neighborhood groups, and various other community design review boards. We actively work with building officials and municipal departments to expedite the progress of our projects. We understand the process and the people that make this community such a great place to live.

Principle Architect Chris Bonner is an award-winning designer, a registered architect in four states, a graduate of Virginia Tech, and a licensed Realtor in South Carolina; but foremost, he is curious of the world around him. He realizes that each decision, project, and experience is a chance to learn something new. Thus creating knowledge that can be applied to the next challenge.

With an inquisitive travel-filled life, Chris has spent time throughout the United States, visited more than 40 countries spanning 5 continents, and passed through nearly 80 airports. It’s not about the numbers though, rather the rich and varied experiences, cultures, and Architecture that can be explored. It’s these precedents and living examples that help enrich the design and logic of our projects. From the colorful medieval cites of Europe, to the intricate wood joinery of Japanese temples, the celebrated planning examples of Vancouver, and even our own greatly admired Charleston Single, are all relevant and varied examples of the wealth of knowledge that we can bring to your project.

We take pride in designing to the human scale, and elevating the experience of the individual and/or group no matter the size of the project. An Architect does more then draw pretty pictures. We transform your ideas and vision into a built project that can be enjoyed for generations. When you are ready to build, make sure you engage a qualified Architect to protect your investment. Reach out today and see how we help with your next project.
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