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BABELstudio is a young architectural office founded in Bilbao which urges the concept of an open-sourced and interdisciplinary studio. Interested in a close collaboration with various fields as design, arts and innovative technologies, the studio is conceived as a center of a collective dialogue. The practice of BABElstudio believes that in every design process lies an initial idea, that, associated with the interpretation of the character of each site and program leads us to a precisely elaborated concept. Only anchoring the project in its specific context, circumstances and complexities it is possible to generate an architecture avoiding a predeterminate style and achieve high quality design. Following this approach our office constantly explores the articulation of space and its materialization.


As our work is based on a highly collaborative design method we are able to ensure the dialogue with the client, consultants and constructor, budget and program control as well as proficient project management. In resume, our conviction is to design architecture capable to reach a synthesis of concept, functional integration and beauty.

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