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Babini Office

Babini Office

Manufacturers from Direttissima del Conero 39/41, Camerano, Italy
More than four decades in activity, three areas of operation, 78 employees, 46.000 sq/m of factory, of which 26.000 covered. Today Babini Group is a dynamic and diversified reality, the natural evolution of the initial manufacturing unit created in the Sixties.

Giancarlo Babini, president of the company, with his brothers founded in 1963 Babini Spa. Settled in the Municipality of Camerano, only few kilometers from Ancona. The Company, with the name Mobilfer, starts its activity as a little laboratory for the production of home furniture.

Babini, sensing the potentialities of a sector that is quickly growing up, started up in the furniture market in 1972.

In 1980 was created Babini Group, union of four different realities:

BABINI OFFICE: for the production of furniture, partitions and seating for the office.
BABINI DESIGN: complementary products for house furnishing.
BABINI HOME: for the production of home furniture.
FINGROUP: financial services and consumer credit.

During the second half of the Eighties Babini takes the opportunity from the growing of the tertiary and the use of technological innovations in the workplace, to realize a strong increase of the sales, thanks particularly to the entrepreneurial intuition of its President, united with the enthusiasm of the rest of team.

In 1997 the operative societies were fused in an unique big company creating four separate commercial divisions. The new large scale dimension of Babini made possible further market penetration and therefore allowed Babini to become a leading Italian furniture manufacturer.

In 2000 BABINI INVEST was founded with the scope of developing the real estate business in Italy and abroad. Babini Invest focuses on the building and selling of residential, industrial and commercial complexes as well as the purchase of lands, estate, etc.

It currently operates in the office, home and building areas, with ideas, solutions and projects designed to improve the quality of both the home and the workplace.
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Direttissima del Conero 39/41, Camerano, Italy