Bailo Rull + add arquitectura
Bailo Rull + add arquitectura

Bailo Rull + add arquitectura

“When the past is reflected in the present and the growing body of experience finds a place in mind, this becomes a time depth, instantly loses its sourness, its quality of cutting blade. You could call this the internalization of the time or the time to become transparent. I see past, present and future as a continuous active within the mind. If not, the artifacts that we do will be empty of temporary density and partnership capacity “. A van Eyck Our approach tries to bring the architecture close to the world of processes. Our approach is particularly informal because when we plan our projects we emphasize more the intermittent value of the transient phase than the final value of the finished objects. We understand the architecture as a never-ending process with committed and transient result, which mixes the randomness with sound and intelligible reasoning. It is a way to produce an architecture where the continuous inestability is considered as an enriching factor that improves the arrhythmic of the project. The TRANSIENT ARCHITECTURE has its own way of understanding its relationship with the time and the space in which it occurs. Paradoxically, the awareness of its own temporality shares without complexes its time and space conditions resulting accomplice architecture. In our projects we try to crystallize a process of investigation that looks for the balance between assimilation of new ways of reading landscape taken from extra-architectural disciplines and their implementation through a manufacture technology.
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