The team behind Baked / Roast is a friendly bunch. We are based in Breda, The Netherlands and found each other through a shared passion to just create awesome stuff. We went on a mission to create unique handcrafted goods, for unique individuals. We love skateboarding, the scene, the footage and the creativity that comes with it. In our search to find the right product we looked at stuff from a different perspective, hence the name Baked / Roast. Baked / Roast is an anagram for skateboard, which is uniform to our design approach. We look at things differently and create stuff with different materials that fit together perfectly.Baked / Roast is just getting started. Our fresh and limited edition stools are just step one in our goal to reach world domination (no pun intended). It's a start and along the way we will figure out what we want to build next. We have some ideas on our list though, such as bookshelfs, speaker sets, chairs and swing sets. Subcultures are a well off inspiration. We want to rediscover the world by looking at those subcultures and apply their artifacts to generic objects. We create our own wisdom and bring it back to our lifes and yours as well.
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