Barel srl
Barel srl

Barel srl

Manufacturers from Via Bra, 16, Mondovì , Italy
Barel is based in Mondovì, in the south of Piedmont, it is run by the third generation of a family that started the business more than fifty years ago and they are proud to be wrought and forged iron craftsmen.
Since 1958 till nowadays, Barel has gone across styles and fashions innovating and renewing itself thus remaining stick with its craftsmanship and his traditional iron processing.
The current product range combines contemporary furniture, designed by architects and famous designers, with more traditional products that survive with their timeless glamour.
Barel is more than ever committed to research aimed at finding new expressive languages to better express the potential of a so ancient and yet so modern material as iron. Barel products have been manufacturing in the same workshop for decades: nowadays forgers and decorators work with the same skill as ever and they are able to create any shape.
This is why Barel is proud to represent the real essence of Made in Italy handicraft: high quality products, handmade and well-finished unique pieces with an extreme care to detail.

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