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BASEhabitat - studio for architecture in developing countries The school of architecture at the Kunstuniversität Linz is the smallest one in Austria. The advantages that this offers include a high measure of individuality, an ability to react quickly and a considerable degree of flexibility. Here themes that stand at the centre of social, political and economic development become themes of architectural education. We have gathered together the best experts in the fields of solar architecture, building ecology, modern timber and earth construction, as well as in the areas of self-organisation and project management. In order to test and expand our experiments and our knowledge, while fully involved in life, we took up an offer made by SARCH in 2004 and designed and built a home for disabled children in South Africa. The enthusiasm and commitment of the students led to the creation of the project studio BASEhabitat and to a certain dynamic. We do not train architects as specialists. Nor should our specialised interests conflict with the classic concerns of architecture and culture. We merely wish to reduce the contradictions: between basic needs and aesthetics, between ecology and the economy, between prosperity and poverty, and between usefulness and poetry. Today we can erect buildings in which no outside energy is needed to provide a pleasant internal climate, buildings that use the resources of their location rather than destroying them, that enrich the environment and offer people new challenges and new work. To achieve this we do not need more responsibility, nor must we restrict ourselves or do without something. All that is necessary is additional intelligence, more teamwork, more sensuality, joy and beauty. There is no difference in this respect between the "rich north" and the "poor south" of this world. BASEhabitat is a test area. Enjoy with us this fascinating future of building – and get involved!
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