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In 2012, Partners Andrew and Jodi Batay-Csorba brought their vast international professional experience back home to Canada, where they have since developed a defined architectural response to the design tradition unique to the region. 

Batay-Csorba Architects (B-CA) is an architecture and interior design studio that combines research and practice to create progressive projects across all scales. What our projects (and clients) have in common is a desire to create something extraordinary. Whether a home, retail store, ballet school, museum or a skyscraper, our projects all start with a critical eye, a question of “what if” and a curiosity to explore. Our projects are never alike, being less about formulaic style and more about restless innovation, boundary pushing and delight. 

At B-CA, we are committed to architecture as a place where ideas find expression. Our work evolves through exploration; distilling context, client aspirations, historical reference, typology, and materiality into a project concept that conveys a clear project vision and tells a story about our clients. This concept unifies the project and informs decisions at every scale of the project, from the architecture, to the interiors, furniture, landscape, infrastructural systems, signage, and branding. 

We take our clients on a truly unique design journey, a process of discovery to create something extraordinary and unexpected, yet which truly reflects the client’s pragmatic requirements and aspirations, translating them into a project concept, architectural forms and user experiences.

We challenge premeditated ideas about function and performance. We rethink standard typologies in search for improved alternatives. We seek to be contextually responsive yet evolve into something altogether new. We explore movement and materiality to create intensified, pronounced—even ornamental—elements designed with a meticulous and purposeful in-your-face refinement. We look for spatial opportunities to evoke positive sensory responses such as joy, delight, and pleasure derived from the smallest details to grand spaces and experiences. We employ volume, geometry, light, scale, materiality, and texture, to create atmospherically rich spaces that elicit an emotional response. This design process results in engaging, expressive, and dynamic spaces that are original and unique, as exemplified in our diverse collection of contemporary work. 

Our expertise comes from designing, managing, and executing over 96 internationally celebrated large-scale projects across the globe. Previous work experience includes leadership roles at award winning firms such as Frank Gehry, Morphosis and Gensler. This track record, coupled with a deep knowledge of building design, detailing and fabrication techniques brings value to each and every client.

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