BBSC Architects
BBSC Architects

BBSC Architects

Architects from Antwerpen, Belgium
Architecture that is tailored to its users’ wishes. Aesthetics, functionality, building technique and integration of technical installations are all equally important.

Professionalism : We think along with the client and feel responsible for his interests, resulting in a relation with our clients that is marked by loyalty and mutual respect.

Intelligence : We aim for creative design solutions allowing our customers to reach their business objectives.

Dedication : We offer full dedication that is driven by our references and our customers' satisfaction.

Our office consists of 8 fulltime employees. Each project is supervised by several employees, which allows us to be agile enough to provide the client with a personal service and quick solutions without confronting the client with different teams for subdisciplines. As all of our employees have had some form of extra education or experience we are able to think beyond the boundaries of architecture, allowing us to help offices that support us for specific tasks search for solutions. For every assignment quality of life and architectural quality are central, whilst planning and budget are carefully managed.