BC architects and studies
Frank Stabel
BC architects and studies

BC architects and studies

Architects from Bloemenhofplein 3, Brussels, Belgium
BC-AS is BC architects and studies. BC stands for Brussels Cooperation and points to how BC grew - embedded within place and people.

BC architects and studies is one group trying to conceive, create and practice architecture and urbanism as a potent lever to contribute to an ongoing paradigmatical shift in world balances.

BC architects is a company (scrl/cvba) that provides architectural services for private and public clients.
For small projects, we cooperate closely with clients to create tailor-made, healthy and beautiful buildings. We prefer to work with ecological materials such as wood, straw bale, earth and stone construction, in a contemporary architecture and a well-considered design. Since one spends his or her time living and sleeping mainly inside buildings, we have minute attention for the health effects of construction techniques and materials. We advice self-builders in the design and construction of their home, as well as we love to make renovations or additions to existing buildings.

For large projects, we bring in our researched visions on social, ecological and cultural issues to imagine and build innovative, inclusive and effective architecture in broad partnerships with clients and other professionals. In our design process, we highly value architectural identity through the choice of fit materials and through a profound reading of the context of the project, whilst encouraging input from clients and end-users.

BC architects benefits from the knowledge created in its research division BC studies, which can contribute to the uniqueness of certain projects. Depending on the specificity of a project, BC architects cooperates with experts as needed, for structure, sanitary and electricity techniques, site supervision, EPB-norms, Energy passive norms, acoustics, etc.