Bekkering Adams architecten
Photo: Daria Scagliola

Bekkering Adams architecten

Architects from Keilestraat 9f, 3029 BP Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Bekkering Adams architecten is a dynamic and versatile office, founded in 1997 in Rotterdam by Juliette Bekkering and reinforced with Monica Adams in 2005.

With an enthusiastic team of approximately 8 people the office works on outstanding and innovative projects. The commissions vary from complex building assignments to concept development, ranging from housing to public buildings, from urban to interior design. Over the years a distinct oeuvre has been established, characterized by remarkable and explicit buildings.

The aim is to strive for innovation and the conservation or restoration of existing qualities. The main focus is to enrich and fortify the identity and quality of the built environment. The purpose of the office is to make buildings with a soul, and to create sustainable environments that make their occupants proud. Joyous, unique and personal attention are the keywords from which the office operates, always cherishing the joy of designing.

Realized buildings comprise the Head office Benelux of Esprit, School Campus the Bloemershof, an urban ensemble containing a vocational school, fire station, sport facilities and housing, Fire station Doetinchem, School and daycare centre de Schatkamer, Public Playground in Rotterdam, Head office of Schuurman Group, Pump station Boostergemaal-Oost in Amsterdam, Offices Maashaven, Rotterdam and the fire station and rescue service Vlissingen Middelburg.

Currently the office is working on a passive preliminary school in Evere, Brussels, a pavilion in Oss and is the School Campus in Peer, Belgium, comprising of a secondary and preliminary school, a boarding school and a sport complex almost completed. The office works on exhibitions, such as Fundamentals: Form-ContraForm and investigates 3D concrete-printing together with the TU Eindhoven, with the design of the ‘Firewall’ as study object.