To create a better and more beautiful environment is a vast challenge, whether designing an item as small as a piece of street furniture or as large as developing a historic city centre. We believe in good design that improves the environment we live in whilst promoting better social conditions. In 1995 we set up our practice and we set these goals at the core of our philosophy. The culture we have inherited provides the foundation for new ideas. In this age of rapid expansion of global communications, we are able easily to see and absorb events far away in other cultures and the creative challenges they bring. Success in achieving our goals requires us to explore many different layers of knowledge, local cultures, science, history, art and economy. We embrace technological advancement and the design opportunities it offers while placing particular emphasis on the selection and use of materials, their appropriateness to the context and their ability to create a particular mood. Infusing poetry into the space we create depends on light and on the relationship between transparency and solidity. Understanding the potential of technological advances allow us to shape complex relationships between interior and exterior, solid and void, public and private, landscapes and building.
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