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Bertelè, classic revisited in a contemporary, is told through a journey along almost half a century, marked by the vision and commitment of the founders constant Luigina, Luciana, Beatrice and Elena.

A history of elegance and taste typically female at the base of a company, who has been researching and creating furnishings, works of art for your home.
inimitable creations in shape and lines, with great personality and ancient craftsmanship artisan, reissued classics '600,' 700, '800 and' 900 . No piece is identical to another. Bertelè offers unique furniture , finely treated in detail, so as to characterize the company as a brand of high quality and copy of antico.Una vocation that has ancient origins and that, today as yesterday, from voice to prestigious products, entirely handmade , enclosing in the heat of their wood all the strength and passion of those who produce them.

A perfect fusion between historical tradition and contemporary design.
This is the philosophy that has made ​​the brand great Bertelè and that enabled its products to become part of the history of classic furniture, to be an expression of signature of excellence in Italy and in world. The furniture Bertelè are designed to fit in today's homes, is dedicated their deep attention to the choice of colors, fabrics, riding the wave of the most innovative trends and the latest design.
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