Betsinor Composites
Betsinor Composites

Betsinor Composites

Manufacturers from 57 rue du lieutenant Giard, Courrières, France
Everyday we work with you to push back the frontiers of knowledge.

Showing creative imagination is something only the best architects can do. Making materials express the uniqueness of a creative work is something Betsinor does best, being the leader on the French Market for the manufacturing of architectural elements produced from cement matrixes.

For expressing the perfection of prestigious facades by exactly replicating their initial design, Betsinor Composites has mastered the art of making materials. Betsinor Composites can create smooth or granulated surfaces, light, designs, curves, etc.

Innovativeness has enabled Betsinor to develop protean components of mineral origin, endowed with key technological capabilities, such as thermal screens with earthquake resistant properties, light filtration, acoustic comfort, resistance to wear, etc.

Since its establishment in Courrières (62, France), the company owns the secret of cement materials that restore the pure harmony of buildings.

Betsinor Composites has a life-size ‘showroom’ of examples using its new fully prefabricated custom-made façade composites. These composites are Woodiv®, a timber-frame panel, and Bepiv®, an ultra-thin lightweight panel concept with high insulating properties.