BFTA Mimarlik

BFTA Mimarlik

Architects from Harmandere Mahallesi, Kurtköy Kavşağı No:34912, Pendik/Istanbul, Turkey
Since its establishment in 2007, BFTA has been producing residential, office, mixed-use buildings, industrial buildings and hotel projects in various scales in Turkey and abroad.

In the architectural design process, the office makes the right design decisions as a quick implementation project with the criteria such as building program, cost, qualified visual perception, related regulations, design understanding for energy performance and adaptation to the natural environment. She is particularly interested in planning strategy, placement decisions, and big and small design decisions to be taken in case of large scale housing projects.

In a studio-type work environment, projects are handled in every scale touched by the city-building. At every stage of the design, 3-D design programs, the building or the environment to be obtained by using the working models are pre-formed on various scales.
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BFTA Mimarlik Headquarters
Harmandere Mahallesi, Kurtköy Kavşağı No:34912, Pendik/Istanbul, Turkey

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