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Every building is a biography. Whose biography depends on the architect's approach. We look to the users, the owners, the brief and the context for inspiration, shaping buildings and projects with them in mind. We see our role as interpreters, not the subjects of our projects. We may write and direct these movies, but we try not to star in them as well. Biber Architects is a tightly organized, highly experienced team of architects and designers working for more than 25 years in New York and nationally. James Biber FAIA LEED leads the firm and conceptually drives all our projects from the first introduction to the opening party, often designing the client’s next project and the next one, etc.. James is responsible for such icons as the Harley-Davidson Museum, the Fashion Center Needle and Button, Gotham Bar & Grill and Mesa Grill, the Glass House Visitors Center and a long list of visual gems. Instead of staffing our projects to match a company's large middle management one-to-one, we operate at the highest levels of decision making. That is where choices are explored and designs are created. It is the creative-decision level.
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