BiCuadro Architects

Architects from Rome, Italy
BICUADRO Architects Associates was established in Rome in 2007 by Francesco Bezzi, Massimiliano Brugia and Valerio Campi. It is one of the emerging Architecture firms providing architecture, interior and masterplanning services for clients in both the public and private sectors. BiCuadro a is a versatile and design-oriented firm through the integration of different skills of its members and to continued collaboration with experts in environmental engineering and selected consultants. Operating as one firm with two global offices in Italy and in Africa and strategic joint-ventures for the new Asiatic Markets , BiCuadro is led by the three partners and is running projects in Europe, Africa and Asia by including corporate, hospitality, residential, academic, civic, sport facililties and mixed use projects. The office is divided in the "Architecture Division"(AD) and the Interior Design division (ID). The staff member is international speaking italian, english and spanish, including engineers and consultants. BiCuadro's mission is to produce high quality design and high performance architectures in relation with the natural and human context. Our works is based on balance between historical tradition and new forms of modernity. Key points of our strategy are: creativity combined with inspiration from the context, integration of new technologies with traditional construction methods and production of high performance energy solutions. After receiving international recognition in 2008 due to third place in the competition for the realization of the Italian pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai, the partners were asked to give lectures at the National Institutes of Architecture and were the subject of publications in international journals such as Area and the Arca and received a dedicated frontpage on the malaysian magazine "AM". In 2010 BiCuadro Architects wins the "Young Italian architects” prize, by being voted as the most promising Italian firm under 35. In the same year BiCuadro was selected among the best italian practices under 37, and exhibited some of their work in Seville (Spain), Shanghai (China) and Veince during the Venice Biennale of Architecture. In 2009 the firm starts a partnership with archietct Stefano Farcomeni and founded AF&A architect farcomeni & associates to access the emerging african market. In 2011 BiCuadro establish joint-ventures with strategic partners to operate in the Asia Market and activate associate offices in Malaysia and Mongolia.