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Bildtec Building Systems Inc has over the last 5 years, become a premier provider of architectural building envelope facade systems.

Our goal is to marry the aesthetic architectural design vision and the science of a proper rainscreen design.

Bildtec’s team of experienced professionals work to provide its clients with a fully integrated approach to design, testing, fabrication and installation. Bildtec applies this approach to all projects, new construction and retrofit of buildings and structures for the application of high-performance Rain Screen Technology. Bildtec’s applies its façade systems to residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Bildtec’s Design Team work closely with its clients; Architect, Building Science Consultants, Project Management and Construction Management professionals from the initial concept design phase, providing Design Assist & Support to ensure the most cost effective solutions; while working to maintain the design integrity and vision.

We encourage our clients to include Bildtec in the pre-construction planning phase to ensure the effective coordination of the complexities of engineering design, scheduling, fabrication, material delivery and where required, a full scale mock up. Our Team utilities CAD and will often use Building Information Modeling (BIM) to provide detailed digital representations of the final design and shop drawings.

BIM’s collaborative modeling abilities allow Bildtec to integrate with clients that are already using BIM as part of the design and construction management phases. This results in significant cost and time savings, avoidance of errors and easy of changes if required.

With today’s heightened global awareness and focus to constructing sustainable and energy efficient buildings,

Bildtec provides the necessary expertise to achieve the required design goals with respect to Green Building Design,

Weatherproofing for moisture management, Sustainability and Energy Modelling.
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345 Horner Avenue, Suite 200 Toronto, ON M8W 1Z6, Canada

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