We are a small, start-up design firm. We create shelves under the philosophy of 'order in motion'. We are directly confronting the omnipresences of boxes and squares. Through better design, we want living rooms, offices, and all spaces to be dancing! Our shelves are living organisms that become one with the objects they store. We create shelving that surprises the eye, stimulates curiosity, and opens imagination. We aim to make bookshelves that inspire you to browse, to read, to write, to study. But Bjast is more than just dynamic design. We also aim to create without causing harm to people or the environment. Our furniture is manufactured in Europe to avoid long and polluting transport. They are handmade ​​in small workshops where we can oversee production and ensure that both wages and working conditions are in proper order. We also aim to produce with durability in mind. In our grandparents' generation, if they received a piece of furniture for their wedding, it would last a lifetime, and most likely be passed on to other family members. We see this past as the future ideal. A Bjast-bookshelf will not wear out, no matter how much you fill it with books, binders and pots. It will be handed down to future generations. Thus, our design confronts the troubling trend of unnecessary overproduction. WE ARE BJAST We are four people, from Denmark, USA, and the Czech Republic - with a healthy portion of German ancestry mixed in. Above all, we are four people who have met each other across great lengths, expansive continents, and vast oceans. We are four who love books and books at home, resting in their bookcase. Four that wish to dance and imagine rather than continue to live in squares.
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