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OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) relies on the latest development in nanotechnology. It is composed of a thin molecular layer of organic material that produces white or monochromatic light when electric current is applied. From a structural point of view, Organic LED is a flat lighting source that looks like a thin foil of light. OLED is among the most efficient light source available today.
Eye friendly light source.
Light produced by OLED is so soft that it can be contemplated with naked eye. This “readable” light can be modeled to various forms, logo, signs, letters and artistic drawings without using any additional optical element such as lampshade, color filter or reflector that naturally dime its source.... The OLED sources are not heating up when on, so that they can.
Be hand touched, in opposition with any existing sources. OLEDs can be directly recycled in existing waste recycling chains, this high rate of recyclability classifies the OLED among the most environmental friendly light sources.
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