For 75 years now, BEGA has been developing and producing high-quality luminaires for almost all areas of exterior and interior architecture. These years have resulted in products which ideas and trademarks have become categorical terms for countless luminaires throughout the industry. Our luminaires are intended to fit in harmoniously as good construction details and as part of the architecture, and perform their tasks for many years. Their light should underline a building’s architecture, create an atmospheric or impressive scene or maintain its appearance at night. Convincing lighting technology, high-quality workmanship and unmistakable design characterise our professional lighting implements. Durability and sustainability have always been concepts that are a basic corporate attitude for us. At our four locations in Germany, Belgium and the USA, we are committed to the careful use of resources and the creation of exemplary production facilities for people and the environment. The BEGA total package of coordinated components contributes to a significant reduction in energy consumption: state-of-the-art modern lighting technology, intelligent lighting control and support for profound lighting planning - and all this with outstanding lighting results. We pay particular attention to the long-term maintenance of the value of our luminaires. With a 20-year subsequent delivery guarantee for components, we significantly extend the service life of our luminaires. In addition to careful luminaire development and the intelligent use of our raw materials, we also save valuable resources.
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