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Marton Biro
blipsz architecture

blipsz architecture

Architects from str. Constantin Daicoviciu, Cluj, Romania
blipsz! has started as a university project team; officially an architecture and urbanism office since mid 2006. It has provided for all partners essential learning while working opportunity, that lacks most architecture schools. The team has formed due to a similar sense of humour and shared interest in magazine and internet articles, extra to the rather poor university curriculum and low local level of stimulus.

The core team is a node of different personalities, that combines to provide casual yet thorough performance, managing to comply with both private and corporate clients. This is to be expected of our extended team as well. Services, the design process, results to be delivered and fees can be tailored according to each project's needs. However, blipsz! is interested in adding value to the square meters and construction materials it puts on paper.

The blipsz! design process aims at transforming the abstract cube or the traditional archetype, or generating volumes merged with the landscape by the sequence of functional spaces re/structured according to a broadly investigated context. blipsz! is aware of passive, solar design principles and uses it's own wall structure design tool.

Our general pursuit of sustainability expands context to include not only the mere design theme but regional- and micro-climate, topography, landscape, the natural-, urban- or rural tissue.

We aim good design as being exhaustive enough to crystallize all it's complexity into a simple structure.

Transcending elite architecture, blipsz! is interested in providing housing solutions for all, by exploiting the contrast between contemporary construction retail and traditional materials, knowledge and techniques. blipsz! is working on cheap and fast to build type-projects for private housing. More to come soon.

blipsz! is lucky to continuously gain experience from assisting established Transylvanian architecture offices as well and is open to further collaborations, including international project teams.

blipsz! believes in fair business conduct, reasonable commissioning, delectable workplace as well as in a healthy work-life balance.

"areacube" is the n.g.o. associated to blipsz!