Manufacturers from Klokgebouw 239, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Bloomming creates fascinating design products for your interior projects.

Bloomming creates fascinating design products for your interior. We’re dedicated to develop flexible and modular solutions for private interiors, offices, fairs, events and public spaces like hotels and restaurants. We’re Bas van Leeuwen & Mireille Meijs, together with The Bloomming Team we want to make the world even more beautiful.

Flexibility, Modularity and Sustainability are the pillars of Bloomming. Our products are unique and diverse in its capabilities to modify its design as many times as the end user chooses.

Bloomming furniture is 100% recyclable, and 100% made in The Netherlands, as working with local companies minimises logistics and maximizes control over environmentally-friendly production methods. Cutting edge design furniture – a selection of great design products that fit into any modern interior design space. Bloomming is Industrial Poetry.

Let's create a Bloomming world!

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