Architects from 8/32 Kerr Street, Fitzroy Victoria 3065, Australia
A practice for empathic and experimental architecture

Our approach is led by research, experimentation and curiosity. These elements are inherent in our philosophy, and drive our interrogative and empathetic response. Specialists from a variety of disciplines contribute to our curative understanding of individual and collective behaviour, sensory perception, physiology and phenomenology. We investigate how people affect – and are at the effect of – our designs.

The built environment can have a therapeutic effect on people’s lives. We specialise in creating modes of living, working and being that respond to the world in this way. Communicative client-relationships are intrinsic to our research and emotional abstraction. We seek to move beyond contemplation into meaningful conversation in order to provoke profound transformation, trust and discovery.

We begin with inquiry, and engage through experimentation. The impacts of spatial concepts, material properties and planning strategies form hypotheses that are tested and retested. Rigorous investigations seek to provide a unique outcome for each client – and propose new ways of looking at architecture.

The built resolution represents the point where theory finds spatial expression, research finds understanding, and experimentation becomes manifest. Our architectural language is an expression of how place, atmosphere, personality and relationship intersect through material, form and sensory experience. Our projects remain live, infinitely feeding the ongoing activity and collective knowledge of the practice.
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8/32 Kerr Street, Fitzroy Victoria 3065, Australia