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Boscolo are luxury. They are beauty without conceit, glory without ostentation. They control space, manipulate function and deliver personal journeys to their clients.

It is Boscolo's belief that a property is an outward reflection of an inward journey - the home, the office, the garden - they are the jigsawed pieces of your life fit together between walls, roofs and floors; the fragments of a story that is being told one day at a time.

Delivering personal spaces, creating rooms that suit not only the client's needs, but also reflect their dreams and desires, this is the key to luxury design.

Boscolo provide whole architectural redesign and interior and exterior design to both residential and commercial clients. Specialising in large scale projects, their holistic approach means that Boscolo can bring your imagination to life - delving into your mind's desires to develop a property that is personal, unique and award worthy.

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