Manufacturers from Nijverheidstraat 81, BEVEREN-LEIE, Belgium
People sometimes say that BOSS paints is an unusual company. They are right. Because we are not afraid to be different. In actual fact, we quite enjoy it. For one thing, BOSS paints is a family business in a market dominated by multinationals. And we are a paint manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer all rolled into one. An unusual strategy that suits our unique aspirations.
A more beautiful world thanks to BOSS paints

There is nothing wrong with making a profit, but it is not our main priority. Our shareholders dream of making the world more beautiful: colourful for customers and inspiring for BOSS paints employees. And of doing so in harmony with the environment and future generations. That is why we are both proud of and modest about what we have achieved. Because there is always room for improvement. Fortunately so!
BOSS paints – ready to face the future

We cherish our history, and welcome the challenges of the future full of hope and ambition. Who knows, our paths may soon cross. I look forward to it.
Toon Bossuyt
CEO BOSS paints
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