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Casalgrande Padana was founded in 1960. The first Italian company to specialise in glazed stoneware, this year Casalgrande Padana celebrates its first fifty years in the business, half a century of history during which it experienced an extraordinary development that has made it an undisputed global leader. Casalgrande Padana currently employs 580 people, with the addition of the 500 of the controlled Nuova Riwal, in its six high-tech facilities in the heart of the world leading ceramics district, covering a total area of almost 700.000 square metres. Four decades of constant growth in sales and production are the tangible proof of Casalgrande Padana skill at responding to market changes and trends with exceptional innovation and quality in universal tiles, for floor and wall coverings, heavy-traffic environments, residential areas, service and industrial buildings. Respect of natural resources, protection of the environment and social accountability are deeply rooted in the company’s genes, as it is unfailingly committed to pursuing the most excellent standards in order to fully respond to any architectural requirement. It also offers high-quality services through its Padana Engineering company, specialising in providing advice and assistance through all stages of work, from the selection of the right materials to the development of a project, and its Creative Centre, a first-class laboratory open to industry professionals which acts as an interface with the shop level, capable of combining innovation with creativity, in architecture, design, art and production. In addition, Casalgrande Padana’s history stands out for the company’s commitment to supporting major architectural and design initiatives, first and foremost the Grand Prix (, an international award created in 1990 to reward those works that make the most of the technical properties and expressive potentials of the glazed stoneware units manufactured by the company, now one of the most prestigious events in ceramic architecture. Architects, engineers, designers, interior decorators, private or public technical studios, professional architecture and interior decorating firms who have carried out works in which Casalgrande Padana materials have been used for floorings and/or wall coverings of any type, can compete for the prizes.
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