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Brengues Le Pavec Architectes

Brengues Le Pavec Architectes

Located in Montpellier, in the south of France, the Brengues Le Pavec architecture agency does all types of projects in contemporary and refined architecture. As early as the design stage, the research is geared towards a simple volume make up in order to generate and highlight the essence of the project. The quest for harmony passes through a game full of proportions and emptiness, transparency, contrast and brightness to create a balance on the entire construction. Every new project is a human adventure. A necessary and real exchange begins so as to better appreciate the mode of operation or the lifestyle sought. It is about bringing personality to the project, giving a soul to future spaces, creating a tailor-made architecture. The principle of the agency is to consider interior fittings and appropriate furniture in the smallest details. The agency favours noble and raw materials that bring warmth to spaces. The goal is to create a true and living architecture, to free oneself from the idea of a so-called “cold” atmosphere that contemporary architecture can create. Due to the constant search for detail and quality finishes, the agency is entrusted with several prestige orders where design and refinement are the order of the day. These services, aimed at discreet luxury, have allowed the agency to appropriate great knowledge of the skills and “high-end” products. This exchange of experience and answers, both conceptual and constructive, on a variety of programmes, generates a reflection and new response to the gains and habits that could be created. The diversity of the subjects studied gives us a different outlook on all the possible fields of architectural application, such as the habitat (individual house, flat, collective housing…), or the tertiary (showroom, trade, restaurant, hotel, building offices, headquarters, logistics platform…). The agency carries out all kinds of jobs, such as new projects, extensions, renovations, rehousing… This plurality of projects allows the agency to take a global look at the current architectural production. « …Our role is to imagine a place or places that allow users functionality and the clearest possible reading. Invent or reinvent a space always different fuels our passion for creating oriented logic and refined architecture… »
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