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Brisac Gonzalez

Brisac Gonzalez

Architects from 7 Bermondsey Exchange, London, United Kingdom
Brisac Gonzalez is a multi-lingual and multi-national architecture firm established in London in 1999 by Cécile Brisac and Edgar Gonzalez.

The practice has won numerous awards and competitions across the world, and is currently working on projects in the UK, Scandinavia, France, and Russia. By working on a variety of building types in numerous locations we continuously enrich the knowledge in our practice and the buildings we produce.
We are concerned with all things architectural in the broadest sense, be it urban or interior design, cultural, commercial or sociological matters.
Instead of producing repetitive designs, our work evolves from rigorous working methods that include collaborations with specialist consultants, comprehensive research of our project’s sites, extensive use of three-dimensional studies, and most importantly responding to our clients needs.
Projects such as the Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg and Le Prisme, a multi-purpose concert hall in France brought Brisac Gonzalez to the attention of a wide field of clients and gave the office international acclaim.