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BRN Sleep Products

BRN Sleep Products is one of the world’s premier suppliers of mattresses, covers, boxsprings and adjustable beds. We are pledged to be a symbol of Trust, Continuity and Esteem for all our customers, dealers and suppliers. Instead of focusing on competitors, we have been listening to our customers and build loyalty by serving significant and innovative solutions. We are specialist in diffrent kind of ranges as ROYAL COIL natural luxury handmade mattresses, ORTHO high quality bonnell spring mattresses, ERGO long durable pocket spring mattresses, STYLE unique design mattresses and all kind of sleep products. We have built our reputation based on understanding needs of partners, whether they are serving to high or bottom end market and responding effectively. We find solutions for storage capacity with our ROLL packaging. In addition to our current range of products, we serve our unique “Private Label Bedding Programme” for distributors and retailers who recognize the need to maintain protective exclusivity. We devote our passion and serve to realize your profit potential in both branded and private label collections. You can be sure that we are your comprehensive business partner. The new investment, supported by Abraaj Group and EBRD, enables us to expand our manufacturing services and thereby offer existing and potential clients faster turnaround times and even greater flexibility. The Abraaj Group a leading inverster operating in global growth markets, today announced the acquisition, through its Fund, of a stake in BRN a leading Turkish mattress and sleep produscts manufacturer, exporter and retailer, in partnership with EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) Our Drives Innovation Differentiated and functional products with extra-ordinary manufacturing and packing solutions. Fascination We provide our partners high quality products with best prices and services. Localization We create products for every sleep culture in the world. Excellence We believe sleep is precious. That’s why we produce perfect products for our partners all around the globe.
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